Jumat, 12 Juni 2009

Golput The winner of General Election 2009

If according to amount of voter for general election 2009 version of KPU about 170 million, it’s mean that the winner of general election 2009 isn’t Demokrat party. Demokrat just be runner up. The winner is golput or group of white, they are who not using their vote right and their vote not valid.
 At TPS where I choose, for example, from 349 voter only 251 who came to TPS. From that 251 voter, the unvalid vote are 43. If addicted with 98 registered voter who didn’t came to TPS, the golput of my TPS are 141. Funtastic aren’t it’s? And how about other TPS? Maybe same with my TPS.
 Why the golput be a winner?
 There is two causal factor : The registered voter didn’t came to the TPS and the vote of voter unvalid.
 The first factor, they who didn’t came to the TPS for give their choice. May be they think that useless to electing one of parliament members candidates. Their reasons, image of parliament members who voice the will of people. At the television often seen there is parliament members sleeped when meeting or news about the parliament members who bound the case of bribary, etc. All of that is indicator image of parliament members is real dilapidated.
 The second factor, they who came to TPS but their vote unvalid. That happen they don’t know how to elect. According to regulation of general election, how to elect is give smear (V) once at column of party’s names or column of parliament members candidates. Then president take out PERPU ( government’s rule subtitute the act ) that allow give smear more than one as long as at one party. The problem is, for the old voter and the voter who never school, they can’t use write kit togive mark. More of that, the socialization from KPU isn’t sufficient. So the voter don’t know how to elect.
 It’s need to make a comprehensive act for general election 2014, so amount of golput can be minimalized. The parliament members also must reflecting that they are represent of people. (satwika)